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P&G 第6回アジアLPGセミナーにおけるプレゼンテーション資料

P&G 第6回アジアLPGセミナーにおけるプレゼンテーション資料について掲載。

The state and outlook for LPG supply and demand in Japan
Securing of stable supply
1.Change of LPG imports by country
2.Japan's LPG Supply by Sources in 2000fy-2001fy
Action of Japanese LPG importers
3.LPG national stockpiling bases construction sites
Generation of additional demand
4.Trends and outlook in LPG Demand Components
Promotion of efficient utilization of LPG supported by government
5. GHP Shipment (1992fy-2001fy)
Technical development supported by government
Deregulation on energy and energy competition
Government initiatives for deregulation on energy