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Home-use Fuel Cell(ENE-FARM)


What is ENE-FARM?

"ENE-FARM" is the nickname given to the world's first fuel cell for practical home use that has made its debut in Japan. This fuel cell is a new energy system which extracts hydrogen from LP gas and combines it together with ambient oxygen to generate electrical power, while simultaneously capturing residual heat that is used to heat up water. In comparison to conventional electrical supply grid systems, it has the capability for a very high efficiency ratio and significant reduction of CO2 gas emissions.

Electric Power Generation

The ENE-FARM generation capacity ranges from 0.3kW to 1kW of electricity, enough to cover the normal power requirements for home electric appliance standby power, and power is drawn from the electric utility's power grid only when this power is insufficient. In theoretical calculations, about 60% of typical electric power demands for a normal household will be met by the ENE-FARM. In addition, a power system that raises the self-sufficiency ratio even higher is being developed by combining it with solar power generation devices ("DOUBLE GENERATION").

Hot Water

The hot water supply unit holds the heated water (200 liters (53 gallons)) at 65 degrees C (149 degrees F), and when the hot water is used up, auxiliary heat source equipment comes online, preventing running out of hot water. The hot water generated by the system is put to use in the kitchen, bath, floor-heating, mist-sauna and the like, providing a comfortable daily lifestyle.

Government Policy

The government has also taken notice of the high environmental performance of the ENE-FARM, and seeing it as a trump card in CO2 reduction, is making all-out efforts toward the installation of 2.5 million units by the year 2030 through the introduction of tax incentives and by defraying costs and other measures.